Protecting Your Privacy
Protecting Your Privacy is Important to Us

If you are a client of Dr. Parrott's, then the information that you provide to Dr. Parrott on this web site is subject to the same level of protection and confidentiality as is all other information that you provide to her. Specifically, all information provided to Dr. Parrott is confidential except when you have provided a signed consent to release information or when release of information is ordered by the courts. All clients acknowledge these terms when they register with Dr. Parrott's office.

If you are a registered visitor to this site, then we promise to protect the privacy of your information. We will not provide any of your information to a third party for any reason whatsoever, without your explicit written permission.

We make every effort to prevent any intrusion by non-authorized persons into our database. For Dr. Parrott's clients, our database contains no information that would allow an intruder to associate the database information with a specific person.

For registered visitors to our site, the only data that we retain that could be linked to you in some way is your email address. We have used encryption to protect your email address and to make it effectively inaccessible to an intruder or hacker.